re – Introduction (after many months absence)

First post in almost 9 months?!…wow, ok this will be the first post since we officially launched. (3 weeks ago) Finally I have some real progress to write about, I might even update this blog regularly from now on..

Speaking of launch, it felt like we just launched..yesterday. There’s already work for new UI’s and features underway! Working conditions while on the road is not good..internet is slow and intermittent at best in China. The slow internet makes thing 10 times more difficult which means you need 20 time the determination and focus. It’s kind of ironic we haven’t set foot in US since the beginning of SPEC:. Anyways, enough bitching…

We would like to thanks everyone who signed up and gave SPEC: a try, especially the guys that took the time to give us feedback and encouragement. We sincerely hope SPEC: helped you and your cars in some way. Looking at some of the (awesome) car profiles, I think it’s safe to say we did.

Next few weeks we will be in full crank mode to push out the new UI’s and features..still tune for more updates! Also like us on facebook (we are like 7 short of 300 likes) and follow us on twitter.



Just got back from working offshore. Even tho it really really sux, however, the isolation and solitary of being in the middle of ocean 400km from land and a super slow internet connection gave me a lot of time to think, to reflect…on life, on SPEC, the team, the product, etc, etc…

I’ve seen a lot of people (me myself included) complaining about their job but keep coming back everyday knowing they will have to put up with the same bullshit again and again. Why do they keep coming back? They say all people are driven by two things “love” and “fear”, the “love” part is obvious…it’s the love for your work, and the meaning and purpose it gives you that keep you going. The “fear” is what scares and worries me (which I will explain below)..the fear of not having money, of uncertainties, the fear of failing to meet the expectation of society…

This “fear” concerns me because as an entrepreneur, I need my team members to be driven by love and not by fear. People driven by fear are unhappy, unhappy team cannot make great product. How do I motivate my team in the right way? In another word, how can I made them happy?

I think the answer lies in a deeper level, the very nature of start up means uncertainty, instability and (a lot of) risk…so to convince someone to join your team it will take more then just money. You need to convince them with your visions and beliefs, to get them on board and make them believe in the idea, in the products.

In order to have happy productive team motivated by love, I believe, as a founder, you need to sell your visions and beliefs properly. This belief should be what drives to people show up to work everyday and holds the team together during rough times.

So what is the beliefs and visions of SPEC? It will be my job as a co-founder to define them in the near future and I look forward to sharing them with all of you! Stay tuned.


Demo is out!!

Demo is finally out! There are still a number of significant fine tuning that needs to be done, but it’s so exciting to finally see our idea crystalizing into a product. I want to thank all my teammates for their time and effort and I’m very proud of us! 

Once fine tuning is done (which I hope will be another week) we will ship and then it’s time for us to pound the pavement and get users!

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It was inspirational. It led me to where I am today. It had a personality, which it seemed to be peppier after every shower, roars stronger after every oil change. Fitting in a lightweight flywheel was as if stuffing a tiny fish into a bottle of vodka* (I am totally against animal cruelty. But I didn’t know about animal cruelty at age of 6).

I built the car in my garage, like most grass-root racers do. I saved all the cash I earned, slowly collected necessary tools and upgraded parts for the car. In a country where any labor intensive mechanic job would end up costing half the value of my $8000 miata, it made absolute sense to invest in tools. I can learn a few things along the way too. By the time I sold my car, I had taken 80% of the car apart, put them back together…

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6 months ago…

This is a blog about the start up Hobhub, and our first project, Spec. I want to use this blog to document its process, from its first conception, pivot, to prototype, to the final product(s) and all the bloods and glories along the way.


A few months ago my buddy Ken came to me with an idea to change how car fanatics/enthusiasts can connect on the web. The problem with the current platforms such as forums and Facebook groups is that they are too passive (posting a question, then wait for answer). We both agree there’s got to be a better way, one that’s more pro-active and interactive.


We agree that a hobby specific forum cross over with a social media would best serve our purpose, it would allow its users to have a more direct interaction with other users and even meet up and collaborate on projects with the proximity area.


Well as you might have guess, that not what we are doing right now, because it was immediately obvious that this project is too ambitious for us. Both Ken and I do not have a background in computer science and knows nothing about coding.


We definitely need to simplify our idea and get more help. Even so, we are not giving up! We are determined to get this project off the ground. It’s going to be a long journey but like the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles began with a single steps. That day we made that first small but significant step.


-Alex V