Working on SPEC: .. in China

Working conditions while on the road is not good..internet is slow and intermittent at best in China. It makes thing way more difficult than it needs to be. (especially with my short attention span) It’s kind of ironic we haven’t set foot in US since the beginning of SPEC:. Anyways, enough bitching…

Designing new UI in Bejing

Ken designing the new UI in Bejing

We would like to thanks everyone who signed up and gave SPEC: a try, especially the guys who took the time to give us feedback and encouragement. We sincerely hope SPEC: helped you and your cars in some way. Looking at some of the awesome car profiles, I think it’s safe to say we did.

Next few weeks we will be in full crank mode to push out the new UI’s and features..still tune for more updates! Also like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.



Beta Launched!

Beta is finally out! It’s so exciting to finally see our idea crystalize. Big thanks to my team for the hard work! Also big thanks to all the people who signed up and making this launch a success. A lot of new features and upgrades will be coming your way in the next few months as we ready ourselves for the official launch. We will need all your feedbacks to make SPEC: a great site! Can wait to hear from all of you!